Michael Candelario on Luxury Real Estate Trends

Moving out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate industry is expected to change a lot. This is due to people of all income levels looking to change their living situation after a year of reflection. One section of the real estate market that is expected to change a lot is the luxury market.

Within the luxury market, you have rich people lined up to buy property they have been eying for a while. Those working in the real estate industry should look into what these clients are looking for so they can best suit their services for them. Take a glance at some of these luxury trends the real estate market is currently dealing with.

Social Life

After sitting inside for a year, many people want to go out and hang with their friends. A more middle-class person might take a look at moving to a smaller town just so they can save money on their housing, but a rich person might be willing to move to a city just so they can get a better social life. Those in the real estate market believe that this is going to change luxury demand.

Luxury real estate demand will change in that people are going to want to be closer to what’s happening in the middle of a city. This means that it’s likely that rich people are going to be looking for a luxury experience in apartment and condo buildings, rather than more traditional housing. It’s fair to say that younger rich people will be focusing on their social life for at least the next couple of years.

Second Homes

As people get richer, they tend to think about purchasing a second home. These could be homes in more luxurious destinations like Miami or Hawaii, those that rich people think about for vacation. The rise of online work has made it worthwhile to the point where people can start enjoying their homes at all times of the year.

This change in the market will make it so that real estate agents are working harder year long to sell homes in these destination locations. Real estate agents must quickly adapt to rich people purchasing second homes on a more frequent basis.

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