Michael Candelario on Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs


Any person running a business should manage their time correctly to see themselves flourishing in their space. Many people assume that excellence is brought by spending a lot of time working, which is not the case. Quantity does not necessarily mean quality. One can organize their day, spend the right amount of time in business, and still manage to do other things in life. There are very many ways that entrepreneurs can manage their time and excel in their work.

Have a Plan

A wise man once said that things don’t just happen; they happen when planned. With respect to this, it is vital to have a plan for the week. One needs to write a list of activities to do in the order of priority. Allocating time for each action is also vital to ensure no time wastage. The second step should include a backup plan if the flow of things changes along the way. This planning process helps one keep track of what they do and avoid spending time on unnecessary activities.

Keeping a Work-Life Balance

It is not right to assume that overworking and not having time for personal matters brings success. Those who slot in time for family, rest, and leisure do well in the real sense. It is critical to sync work schedules around personal activities and includes times for social activities. The balance activates new energy and allows the body to refresh and return to work with fresh zeal.

Taking Breaks

It is common to hear entrepreneurs working the whole day with only bathroom breaks. This trend ends up becoming unhealthy when it happens consistently. Lunch breaks and breaks between duties can help strategize, talk with other people, or even take a walk. Such breaks boost functionality and help the brain to have a long concentration span for the next task.

Saying “No” to Distractions

A common mistake of upcoming entrepreneurs is the inability to refuse tasks or requests. However, it is essential to know when one should agree and when to refuse. Distractions like unimportant calls, long discussions, or friendly chats can quickly take critical time in one’s schedule. Learning not to pick up calls during work hours or responding to emails later is an excellent way to stay on course.

Time management is very vital to have growth as an entrepreneur. It is time that people embrace working smart and simple planning procedures that grant great success.

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